5 Benefits of the iPad Pro For Reporters


Apple has released its massive iPad. It’s colossal. But other than the massive size what can the new super iPad do? That’s a question still being answered as Tim Cook announced “It can replace your laptop.” But can it? Without trying to answer that, lets answer what it can do to benefit reporters. Let’s see the 5 benefits of the IPad Pro for Reporters.

iPad pro speed


With a 12.9 inch screen, the iPad Pro certainly has a lot of screen real estate. With the right apps this new large area for activities can bet maximized for your reporting efforts. For example when I use TweetBot I can easily monitor Twitter and my news lists. All your reporting apps are larger and easier to read and interact with.


Speed of iPad pro



4GB of ram is installed this jumbo tablet. Which means greater speeds. For us reporters, speed can be the difference between being first and being last. So with the new iPad Pro you can get things faster. For example, I can easily upload photos, edit them in my photo editor apps, and publish them quicker.



With an A9X chip the iPad Pro now delivers what Apple calls “laptop performance.” That means we can now edit video, up to 4K, faster and without lag. There has been notable improvements for video editing on this massive machine including seemlessly editing two 4K video streams at the same time. So your 1080p video teases you’re publishing to social now can be edited, exported, and uploaded in a breeze.

Multitasking on iPad Pro


With the introduction of ios9, mobile devices have finally adopted multitasking. On the iPad Pro multitasking is huge. When you multitask you’re not getting a mini version of an app you’re getting the whole she-bang. So writing and keeping up with tweets for example is no sweat.

Writing on iPad Pro


We’ve all had to write on our phones from the field. It’s a pain. With this mammoth mobile device writing from the field isn’t so bad. In fact, I’ve written this entire article on my iPad Pro. It wasn’t hard. Since you can access full websites along with the mobile versions you can get the most of web too.

Tim Cook holding iPad Pro


The iPad Pro is still being categorized. Is it a laptop? Just a big IPad? Who cares. This machine is great for reporters. Get more done and get it done faster with this Apple PROduct.


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