7 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Live Stream Efforts shares exciting ways to build audience and engagement every time you hit “Go Live.”

1. Announce ahead of time when you’ll Live. This builds anticipation and excitement and it let’s viewers know when to tune in.


I made these graphics and I keep them on my phone to tweet and post which lets viewers know when live stream is coming.

2. Write a compelling description. Teases are important. Write something viewers can’t turn away from.

3. Encourage followers to subscribe so that they get notifications the next time you go live. This builds your audience.

4. Strong connection matters! People tend to think using Facebook Live is perfect when they’re on-the-go, but a “Broadcast Paused” message can be fatal to the success of your stream. Make sure you have good service before you go live.

5. Shoutout people in real time with their real names. The more involved you make people feel, the stronger the sense of community you build, and the more likely people are to stick around.

6. The longer the broadcast the more people you’re going to reach. People will tune in and drop off, but give an audience the opportunity to discover you. Facebook recommends going live for a least five minutes.

7. Be as creative and engaging as you can. Viewers want to see more than what’s on TV. Show them that tuning into your live stream there’s no cap on how much story they can get.