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About me

I consider myself a “Producers Reporter” I head out to every story with the mindset of getting quality content back to the shop quickly.

MMJing was the perfect fit starting off. I’ve been shooting video since I was 14. I’ve learned more video editing software platforms then I can count. So shooting stories and expressing my creativity was natural flow. The great thing is, although seasoned, I am eager to learn new things and teach others how in-depth shooting/editing can go.

When it comes to reporting my roots have helped me grow. Raised in New York, I’ve been surrounded by people since I was old enough to ride a subway. I don’t “get interviews” I make connections with people who are involved in my story.

With a Masters in Interactive Media, I’ve leveraged the web as a platform to promote and showcase my stories. I have a background and marketing and analytics, which means I use data to maximize my social media efforts. Every post, tweet, or publish is not by chance but by choice. Social media is not extra work but a pathway embedded in my workflow.

If you’re looking for some who is driven, hard-working, witty and creative then look no further. I am a born leader, a charismatic person and most importantly, a consistent source for exceptional work.

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Ken Buffa




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[accordionwrap] [accordion title=”Masters”]M.S. Interactive Media – Quinnipiac Unniversity
[/accordion][accordion title=”Bachelors”]B.S. Broadcast Journalism & TV/Video Production DBL Major – SUNY Plattsburgh
[/accordion][accordion title=”Associates”] A.A.S. Broadcast Communications – HVCC [/accordion][accordion title=”Certificate”] Certificate – New School of Radio & Television[/accordion][/accordionwrap] [/column] [column width=”eight”]


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