Ken Buffa
Ken BuffaReporter & MMJ

Ken Buffa

I consider myself a “Producer’s Reporter.” I head out to every story with the mindset of returning with quality content for our station and doing so quickly.

MMJing was the perfect fit starting off. I’ve been shooting video since I was 14. I’ve learned more video editing software platforms then I can count. Shooting stories and expressing my creativity comes natural. The great thing is, although seasoned, I am eager to learn new things and teach others how in-depth shooting/editing goes.

When it comes to reporting, my roots have helped me grow. Raised in New York, I’ve been surrounded by people since I was old enough to ride a subway. I don’t “get interviews”, I make connections with people who are involved in my story.

With a Masters in Interactive Media, I’ve leveraged the web as a platform to promote and showcase my stories. I have a background and marketing and analytics, which means I use data to maximize my social media efforts. Every post, tweet, or publish is not by chance, but by choice. Social media is not extra work for me, but a pathway embedded in my workflow.

If you’re looking for some who is driven, hard-working, witty, and creative, look no further. I am a born leader, a charismatic person, and most importantly, a consistent source for exceptional work.

Enjoy my Linkedin and don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s make a connection now.