5 Benefits of the iPad Pro For Reporters 

5 Benefits of the iPad Pro For Reporters   Apple has released its massive iPad. It's colossal. But other than the massive size what can the new super iPad [...]

5 Mobile Tools Everyone In The News Industry Should Be Using

There's always someone who has a "great app" or an "awesome hack" to do something. A lot of the time their suggestions aren't up to par with what you've [...]

GoPro’s Make Your News Stories Awesome

We have a photographer who loves using GoPro's during shoots. His love for the action-cam has rubbed off on me. The angles and visuals you can capture with the [...]

VIDEO: Effects & Text for Story Teases Using Pixelmator

Need to tease a story? Want to put some text on that image? Add effects? Learn how here.  

Great Photo App for Journalists

I don't always back an app. But I found a great photo app for Journalists. You can edit photos so many different ways, you'd wonder how you got by [...]

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