7 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Live Stream Efforts

7 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Live Stream Efforts shares exciting ways to build audience and engagement every time you hit "Go Live." 1. Announce ahead of time when [...]

Benefits of a Cell Phone Charger Case for Reporters

Need more juice? We all do. Here's some benefits of a cell phone charger case for reports. Buy one here.

3 Great Lav Mic Placements For Interviews

3 Great Lav Mic Placements For Interviews Have an interview coming up? Get rid of the clutter and let your arm rest with a lav mic. Here I go [...]

Rockstar Sizes for Twitter Photos

Rockstar Sizes for Twitter Photos   Twitter automatically crops a section of your large photo and displays it as 440×220. The auto-crop isn’t intelligent enough to provide a preview that [...]

Useful FOI Information for Journalists

Useful FOI Information for Journalists   Here are some tips for making the most of your FOIA: Just do it. Use the open records law. Use it again and [...]

“Click to Tweet” Viewers Can Share Your Story Easier

With Click to Tweet viewers can share your story easier. You'll be able to craft the tweet the way you want it to be shared. The video below explains it all. [...]

Uploading Video to Facebook Vs Youtube

You have two options when posting videos: to either upload them natively via Facebook or to post a link to your videos on YouTube. According to a study by Socialbakers.com, here are [...]

Upload Video Story Teases from Desktop to Twitter

Until Twitter allows us to upload videos from our desktops to our tweets directly...Here is a way to do it. Here's how to upload video story teases from desktop to [...]

5 Tips to Optimize Your Periscope Reporting

As Journalists using Periscope or Meerkat is a no brainer when you need to get content out right now. Here are few ways to optimize your live streaming efforts. [...]

Lose Business Cards, Save Contacts.

Asking for a business cards is second nature when creating contacts. Storing business cards content is can get messy. Here's how I keep all my contacts in my phone without [...]

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