The Importance of Surprises in News Writing

The Importance of Surprises in News Writing   "What's your two favorite holidays?" - she said. "Halloween and New Years," - I responded. "Well, usually it's Christmas and Birthdays," [...]

Link Facebook News Fan Page to Twitter

Link Facebook News Fan Page to Twitter     The great divide is over. It's been over for a while. This video explains how to link a Facebook news [...]

5 Mobile Tools Everyone In The News Industry Should Be Using

There's always someone who has a "great app" or an "awesome hack" to do something. A lot of the time their suggestions aren't up to par with what you've [...]

“Click to Tweet” Viewers Can Share Your Story Easier

With Click to Tweet viewers can share your story easier. You'll be able to craft the tweet the way you want it to be shared. The video below explains it all. [...]

GoPro’s Make Your News Stories Awesome

We have a photographer who loves using GoPro's during shoots. His love for the action-cam has rubbed off on me. The angles and visuals you can capture with the [...]

Best Apple Watch Apps for Reporters

If you have an Apple Watch, you're already my favorite person. But it's not just stylish. The mini computer sitting on your wrist, can help with your reporting and [...]

Uploading Video to Facebook Vs Youtube

You have two options when posting videos: to either upload them natively via Facebook or to post a link to your videos on YouTube. According to a study by Socialbakers.com, here are [...]

Upload Video Story Teases from Desktop to Twitter

Until Twitter allows us to upload videos from our desktops to our tweets directly...Here is a way to do it. Here's how to upload video story teases from desktop to [...]

7 Best iOS9 Features for Reporters

Downloaded the new iOS9 update to your phone? Now what? Here are the 7 Best iOS9 Features for Reporters which explains how you can benefit from the recent update. Ken's [...]

VIDEO: Effects & Text for Story Teases Using Pixelmator

Need to tease a story? Want to put some text on that image? Add effects? Learn how here.  

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