5 Ways to Increase Periscope Followers

5 Ways to Increase Periscope Followers   Twitter's Live streaming service Periscope is a dream come true for Journalists. But getting more people to tune in when you are streaming can [...]

Why Journalists Should Learn to Code 

DRY. It's an acronym in coding. It means "Don't Repeat Yourself." Sounds like your editor right? Why Journalists should learn to code helps answer some common coding/journalist questions. What will coding do [...]

Great Photo App for Journalists

I don't always back an app. But I found a great photo app for Journalists. You can edit photos so many different ways, you'd wonder how you got by [...]

4 Best Facebook Practices for Journalists

How are you using your Facebook Fanpage? It isn't just for likes. Here's some of the best Facebook practices for journalists I find to work the best. Share Breaking [...]

3 Reasons The iPad Mini Is Great For Mobile Reporting

There's dozens of reasons I think the IPad Mini is a great tool to compose and forge your news stories, but this article will focus on the three big [...]

5 Tips to Optimize Your Periscope Reporting

As Journalists using Periscope or Meerkat is a no brainer when you need to get content out right now. Here are few ways to optimize your live streaming efforts. [...]

Best Times to Post on Social Media [Infographic]

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Tackling Leading Story Pitches With Data

I don't like being bad at things or even "just okay". Fortunately, management at my station is extremely helpful when it comes to giving me critical feedback. I usually [...]

Twitter Best Practices for Journalists

1. Tweet your beat  Tweet regularly about the subjects you cover. Research shows, people who post a concentrated number of Tweets in a short time span, follower growth is [...]

10 Quick Ways to Engage on Facebook

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