Lose Business Cards, Save Contacts.

Asking for a business cards is second nature when creating contacts. Storing business cards content is can get messy. Here's how I keep all my contacts in my phone without [...]

Making Sure Your News Story CELS

Since the web visitor is far more interactive than the viewer watching television news, it’s vital to cater to their needs. How so? Well the web reader can: Like, [...]

Facebook Video: How To Get Your Twitter Followers To Watch

So you have a video on your Facebook and want to promote it on Twitter. No. You want to promote and ANALYZE it on Twitter. But what's a reporter [...]

MMJ Skills: Live Tweeting Tool Kit

At a conference, presser, or event, live tweeting becomes an art form. Balancing absorbing enough information while ensuring you're trickling out some information for those who aren't present is [...]

Getting the Shot You Want – Just Ask.

When you're an MMJ you have enough on your plate, but don't let that discourage you from getting seconds. I was at a ribbon cutting for a new park [...]

Skills for MMJs: Live Mobile Streaming Apps

The mobile app Meerkat and Periscope allow you to stream live video from your phone. So why not use them? Both apps are exclusive to iPhone for the moment [...]

Why Posting With Images Drive More Traffic

In the news industry, "visuals" is the name of game. So why post to social media without them? As consumers/viewers we prefer visual content over reading blocks of texts. With [...]

Cyber Monday Safety Tips

Here are a few safety tips to make your Cyber Monday not byte.

SEO for Blogs

Now that you have the blog, let's make sure search engines can find it and make sure it gets ranked higher than your competitors.

Creating Great Blogs

Check out this video to ensure that your blog or your blog to be is captivating, stimulating, and most importantly interesting!

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