Rockstar Sizes for Twitter Photos


Twitter automatically crops a section of your large photo and displays it as 440×220. The auto-crop isn’t intelligent enough to provide a preview that fits your image best. So how do we fix this? First let’s understand the issue.

Let’s take Lululemon athletica (@lululemon). They have a serious issue with ‘decapitating’ their models because their images are too large.

Twitter photo images

Solution for Twitter Photos Sizes

The recommendation is to use a 2:1 ratio, with the upload size of 1024×512 (which scales down nicely to 440×220). If you’re shooting photos with an iPhone you can easily resize images with the Image Size app.

Here’s an example of a tweet with the proper dimensions.


If you’re running and gunning, do what you can. If you’re creating a graphic, take this sizing issue seriously to make sure your message isn’t cut shor…


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